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Recommended Retail Pricing for VetGun Delivery System (as at Jan 2020)

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*Please note prices may vary from dealer to dealer; and catalog dealer pricing may also add or include shipping. 


VetGun Kit (incl. Gun & CO² adaptors only) $249.23
AiM-L Packsize options:  
AiM-L VetCaps x30 $78.60
AiM-L VetCaps x150 $298.50
AiM-A Abamectin Packsize options:  
AiM-A Abamectin VetCaps x30 $88.50
AiM-A Abamectin VetCaps x150 $399.00
CO² options:   
CO² 90gm TwinPack $11.97
CO² 25gm 6-pack $14.99
CO² 14oz (396g) Refillable Tank (empty)  $24.99
Replacement / additional adaptors:  
25gm CO² Adapter (included) $14.37
90gm CO² Adapter (included) $6.53
(no adaptor required for 14oz CO² tank) NA
VetGun GunCase (soft) $44


  • VetGun kits include VetGun and CO² adaptors only (25g & 90g)- earlier version VetGuns don't include 25g adaptor, please call number below. 
  • CO² is not included in VetGun kit, must be purchased separately.
  • CO² 14oz refillable tanks are sold empty, and must be filled at your local sporting goods; paintball; or welding supplier (costs<$5 to fill)

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  • For Customer;Technical or Problem-related inquiries, please call Dr Michael Coe (DVM) on 435-757-9523.
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  • Please call Huvepharma at 800-542-8916  (8am-5pm Central Time)
  • Huvepharma: 800-542-8916  (8am-5pm Central Time)